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If you are having issues with your wallet, these are some helpful steps you can try on your own to get yourself back up and running. Should your issue persist, the community predominantly congregates on Discord to offer support, and you should join the Official Beyondcoin Discord Server to seek further assistance. You should also NEVER give your wallet recovery seed to anybody, and you should presume anybody privately messaging you to offer support is a scammer. Do not message them back!

Why do I have no connection to peers in Beyondcoin Core?

You likely have a firewall blocking connections, or a DNS issue. You can try bringing up the Debug menu and entering:

addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add
addnode add

When entering these in, it will not give any "Success" or similar message. No response means it worked, and you should then be connected to that peer.

This should help "jump start" your connection to the Beyondcoin network and aid you in finding further peers after that.

Why won't my older version of Beyondcoin Core fully sync? Even after updating?

If you haven't opened the Beyondcoin Core Wallet in a while. As a result now, the wallet isn't wanting to "undo" the sync of those blocks, despite you having upgraded.

Don't worry though, your funds are still 100% safe, and the fix is an easy one, you just need to re-sync with the blockchain once you've upgraded your wallet to the latest. You can download from

Firstly, backup your existing wallet as a precautionary measure (You should already have a backup, take another one). If you have your Core Wallet open, you can go to File -> Backup menu.

Second, you'll need to remove the old Blocks / Indexes directories on your PC. This is in a different place depending on your Operating System:




~/Library/Application Support/Beyondcoin/


~/Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Beyondcoin/



Find and remove the "Blocks" directory, and (if it exists) the "indexes" directory as well. You can safely leave the other files there, and you especially want to make sure you DO NOT remove the wallet.dat or Wallets folder.

Fire up the Beyondcoin Core Wallet again (0.16.3 at the time of writing) and it will re-download the blockchain. The sync process could take a couple of hours, but once completed you will see all your funds are there, safe and sound.