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Integrity is one of the most important characteristics of the Beyondcoin team members. All members are trustworthy and have the best intentions. When dealing with an ICO project or a company with paid employees managing a project, there is always the risk of having people focused on money, instead of real dedication to the project. In a decentralized community like Beyondcoin, all active members are unpaid volunteers, dedicating free time, resources and money out of own pockets to support the project. There will be no fraud, corruption or illegal actions. History has proven that the decentralized nature of the Beyondcoin community produces a self-improving system. If someone fails or seems to have wrong intentions, it will get noticed by others and that person will get blocked, ignored and excluded from the community.

Beyondcoin Core team

The core-team is focused solely on the development of the project. And because Beyondcoin is not a company, marketing is being produced by different members of the Beyondcoin Community. Some are organized in groups and using their skills to create awareness and encourage adoption.


Start contributing to Beyondcoin core development today or begin building your own application on top of the Beyondcoin blockchain.

Beyondocin GitHub (The Beyondcoin GitHub)

Beyondcoin Telegram (Beyondcoin group on Telegram)

Beyondcoin Discord (Beyondcoin on Discord)

Social Media

Team Members

  • Kristian Kramer - CEO/CTO/Founder Twitter LinkedIn Email GitHub Telegram
  • Helpful Crypto Miner - CRO/CFO/CSO
  • SoaringMoon - CMO
  • SamBroGaming - CLaLO/Technical Officer
  • Nugetzrul3 - Technical Officer
  • Meapy - CTSO
  • Mr.W4ve - Research Officer
  • Pigeon - LSMO

Understudy Team Members

  • TheViralClovers - USTO

Security Officers (Moderators)

  • GameWatch21
  • Crabs
  • Chrisdako
  • ALi
  • Goatoshi